Dandis Building – Islamic Development Bank

Arafeh Building – Islamic Development Bank

Jabali Building – Islamic Development Bank

Jabrini Building – Islamic Development Bank

Abu Shamsia Building – Islamic Development Bank

Shaheen Building – Saudi Development Fund

Treitereh Courtyard (North) – Islamic Development Bank

Muhtisbeen Neighborhood – Palestinian Authority


Shreif Buildings: Entrance – Palestinian Authority

Dweik Building – Saudi Development Fund

Shaheen Building (Tel Rumeida) – Palestinian Authority

Khademeh Neighborhood – Saudi Development Fund


Ahmaro Building – Saudi Development Fund

Marqa Building – Saudi Development Fund

Dweik Building (Jarah) – Saudi Development Fund

Katbeh Building – TIPH

Children’s Garden – Saudi Development Fund

Health Clinic – Palestinian Authority

Sawakneh Neighborhood – AECID

Jabari Neighborhood – Saudi Development Fund

Sawaiti Neighborhood – Saudi Development Fund

Dana Neighborhood – Saudi Development Fund


Rashid and Tabakhi Building – Saudi Development Fund

Mana Al-Jabari Building – Saudi Development Fund

Treitereh Courtyard (South) – Saudi Development Fund

“Friendship Park” (Sidaqeh Garden) – World Bank

Aqabah Neighborhood (Herbawi Buildings) – Saudi Development Fund


Kabreen Building – Norwegian Government

Shawar Building – Arab Fund

Bader and Herbawi Building – Arab Fund

Qudsi Building – Arab Fund

Iskafiya Market Street – AECID

Khademeh Neighborhood – Saudi Development Fund

Ishtai Courtyard – Arab Fund

Aqabah Neighborhood (Dweik Building) – Arab Fund


Qasrawi and Amro Building – Islamic Development Bank

Abu Maizer Building – Arab Fund

Neiroukh Building – KFW

Dekaidek Building – KFW

Jabali Building – KFW

Jube Building – KFW

Mujahed and Abu Quaider Building – KFW

Siyaj and Sinoqrot Building – KFW

Abu Sirieyeh Buiding – GIZ

Nasser Al-Din and Herbawi Buildings – GIZ

Fire Extinguishing Network – TIPH

Aqabah Neighborhood (Shawar Building) – Arab Fund

Aqabah Neighborhood (Mujahed Building) – Arab Fund


Zaghal and Ulama Building – GIZ

Hashim Building – GIZ

Abdul Nabi Al-Natsheh Building – GIZ

Dheeb Building – GIZ

Nasser Building -- GIZ

Salaymeh Building – Norwegian Government

Rajabi Building – Norwegian Government

Rajabi and Salaymeh Building – Norwegian Government

Dandis Building – AECID

Hanini and Abu Asab Building – KFW

Beitar Building – Arab Fund

Idris Building – AECID

Aqabah Neighborhood, Sawakneh Neighborhood: Infrastructure – AECID, GIZ


Amar Building – Saudi Development Fund

Khateeb Building – Saudi Development Fund

Silhab and Al-Alul Building – Saudi Development Fund

Muhtasib and Beitar Building – Saudi Development Fund

Zatari Building – Saudi Development Fund

Ajal and Hilman Building – Saudi Development Fund

Abu Kharsheeq Building – Saudi Development Fund

Fakhouri and Qaoud Building – Saudi Development Fund

Sawsour and Abed Al-Basset Building – Saudi Development Fund

Ghaith and Burqan Building – AECID

Salaymeh Building (Jaber Neighborhood) – AECID

Juwilis Building – AECID

Bakri Building – AECID

Abu Sharkh Building – AECID

Sharf Building – AECID

Abu Rajab Building – AECID

Eida Building – AECID

Zaloum and Sinoqrot Building -- AECID

Nejar Building – Arab Fund

Sewer Lines and Drinking Water Pipes – AECID


Ghazali and Sahib Building – Saudi Development Fund

Abed Al-Rizaq Ghaith Inheritance Building – Saudi Development Fund

Yousef Naiman Al-Sharbati Inheritance Building – Saudi Development Funfd

Said, Sawsour, and Kayal Building – Saudi Development Fund

Muheisen and Zatari Building – Saudi Development Fund

Qaimary Building – AECID

Shabaneh Building – AECID

Abu Omar Building – GIZ

Jaber Neigborhood, Salaymeh Neighborhood: Infrastructure – AECID


Shannah Building – Arab Fund

Shibli Buildings – Arab Fund

Shabaneh and Khateeb Buildings – Arab Fund

Madhoun Building – Arab Fund

Bader and Jamjoum Building – Arab Fund

Abu Zarour Building – Arab Fund

Dandis Building – Arab Fund

Shaheen, Jamjoum, and Al-Jabah Building – Arab Fund

Asila and Masoudi Building – AECID

Dana and Masouda Building – AECID

Imam and Shabaneh Building – AECID

Ghaith and Juwilis Building – AECID

Kayal Building – Saudi Development Fund

Zarou Courtyard -- AECID

Aouda Garden and Majauro Buildings -- AECID

Shibli Neighborhood: Infrastructure – Arab Fund

Al-Sheikh Neighborhood: Infrastructure – SIDA

Qeitoun Neighborhood: Infrastructure – SIDA

Bani Dar Neighborhood: Infrastructure – Saudi Development Fund

Ibrahimi Hospice (Takiyya): Infrastructure – Saudi Development Fund


Juwaihan Building – AECID

Fakhouri Building – AECID

Abu Hamad and Ghaith Building – AECID

Natsheh and Nasser Al-Din Building – Arab Fund

Abu Daran Natsheh Building – Arab Fund

Jabali and Abu Asab Building –Arab Fund

Shaloudi Building -- KFW

Ghaith and Jaber Courtyard – AECID

Majed Garden -- SIDA

Amro Building: Maintenance – Saudi Development Fund


Juwaihan and Salaymeh Building – AECID

Fakhouri and Salaymeh Building – AECID

Heikal and Shabanneh Building – AECID

Shaqeir and Abu Sharkh Building – AECID

Razem Courtyard – AECID

Abed Al-Khaliq Yaghmur School – Arab Fund

Natsheh Building: Extension of Al-Yuqaza School – KFW

Shalala Street: Infrastructure – SIDA


Masri Building – AECID

Jariwi and Shawiki Building – Arab Welfare Fund

Balah and Abu Karash Building (Jaber) – Arab Fund

Abu Udah Building (Jaber) – Arab Fund


Taha Building (Qeitoun) – Arab Welfare Fund

Wazouz and Abu Hussein Buildings – Arab Welfare Fund

Zaloum and Abu Sharkh Building – Arab Fund

New Ain: First Building – ACCD

New Ain: Second Buildnig – ACCD

Naiman Building – Palestinian Authority

Ibrahimi Hospice (Takiyya) – Saudi Development Fund

New Ain: Infrastructure – ACCD


Shawiki Building – Arab Welfare Fund

Abu Sneineh Building – Arab Welfare Fund

Jaber and Marar Building – Arab Fund

Bab Al-Zawia Square – SIDA

Khallet Hadour Neighborhood: Structural Reinforcement and Infrastructure – SIDA


Sinoqrot Building – Arab Fund

Marqa Building – Arab Welfare Fund

Al-Wakala Market – Arab Welfare Fund

Shajaret Al-Door School – Palestinian Authority


Education Facilities – Arab Fund

Commercial Shops – Arab Fund

Jaber Neighborhood: Infrastructure – AECID


Hotel Building (Lamar Guesthouse) – Arab Welfare Fund

Prayer Areas and Shrines (Zuwaya and Muqamat) – Arab Welfare Fund

Ain Qurna Neighborhood: Infrastructure – SIDA


Qazazin Neighborhood: Infrastructure -- SIDA


Abu Daran Coutryard and Jamjoum and Skafi – OOREDOO

Supply of First Aid Bags – Austrian Government

Structural Maintenance – Palestinian Authority

Khuzak Al-Far: Building Restoration – OOREDOO

Al-Sahla Street: Building Rehabilitation – Islamic Development Bank


Structural Maintenance (Market) – Arab Fund

Bus Stops – HRC

Qasibah Neighborhood: Infrastructure – OOREDOO


Turkish Baths -- PMSP

Long Term Projects

Ibrahimi Mosque -- Saudi Development Fund