Campaign, "Ammar, Ya Blady"
Title of the plan: Campaign "Amar Ya Blady,"
Vision: To keep the city of Hebron, a Palestinian Muslim Arab city.
Message: Failure of the Israeli occupation schemes which aimed to isolate the old town and the displacement of its citizens, through the consolidation of the town to connect with the old city of Hebron, politically, economically , socially and culturally.


Objectives of the plan:
Main objective: to activate trade movement in the markets of the old town and support the traders and shoppers by providing promotional privileges to contribute to the recovery of the economic situation and attract the largest number of shoppers to the old town.

Sub-goals: -

1 - To encourage citizens to visit the old town on an ongoing basis and create the necessary conditions to attract them to the region.

2 - Encouraging citizens to be in the old town through the provision of security for homes, markets, shops and change the mental picture of their fear of housing the old town, shopping and visit them.

3 - Strengthening national and religious value of the city of Hebron through raising awareness and national culture for all sectors of the community in Hebron and the Old City in particular.

4 - Preserving historic monuments, religious and cultural rights in the old town and the continuation of efforts for rehabilitation and maintenance to them.

5 - Promoting the tourism sector in the old town and maintenance of tourist sites and provide the ingredients to attract tourists from both home and abroad and the creation of the necessary services to them.

6 - To revive traditional industries and crafts, pottery, Ceramic and other in the old town.

7 - Show a rosy picture of the old town through by organizing of information which  contributes to the campaign to encourage citizens to visit the old town and shopping 


* Paths Plan: -

- Track I: at the national level

- Track II: at the international level


- Axes of the plan at the national level: -

First: - Statistical studies: includes inventory of all necessary data and information relating to the target groups, preparation of detailed statistical studies, evaluation and follow-up.

Second: - Economic support activity through: -

1 - Urgent support to prices of goods and basic materials .

2 - Long-term support for commodity prices (Consumer Foundation)

3 – Repair of shops


4 - Government support decisions: By opening of the headquarters of ministries and governmental institutions in the old town, the transfer of Friday market to the old town, the transfer scattered stalls to the old town.

5 - Promoting the tourism sector: The service includes the provision of facilities for tourists, tourist sites rehabilitation, restoration and revival of traditional industries, tourism awareness programs, promotion of tourism and tourist paths appropriate action, improving the environment and the cleanliness of the streets of the old town.

6 - Events and activities: festivals, cultural, artistic, sports, religious.

7 - Encouragement of other things: the monthly program of aid for traders, activating the role of the private sector in the old town and the launching of investment projects.

Third: - Strategies to accompany

1 -
To provide security

2 - Organization of routes and public attitudes

3 - National Mobilization

4 - Information campaign

Fourth: Abraham's Mosque: facing the repercussions of the Israeli government issued a decree bringing the Mosque of the Jewish Heritage List

- Axes of the plan at the international level:

1 - Political meetings

2 - Workshops

3 - Festival of advocacy and support


4 - Photo galleries

5 - Lectures at universities in European countries

6 - Interviews and press conferences

V - Committees of the campaign:

1 -
Committee to support commodity prices.

2 - The restoration of shops

3 - Committee of the tourism sector.

4 - Committee of events and activities.

5 - Security Committee in the old town.

6 - Committee of Consumer Corporation

7 - Committee of routes and public parkings

8 - Information Committee.

9 - Committee of National Mobilization

10 - Committee of Abraham's Mosque


11 - Committee of the International Campaign.