Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), is facing many challenges as a result of the Israeli occupation forces attempts to restrict HRC’s maintenance and renovation work in the old city.

Currently, HRC is being prevented from doing its job in dozens of buildings in need of maintenance and renovation. Israeli forces halt the work in buildings and have arrested a number of HRC employees, engineers and workers.

They have also prevented carriages used by the HRC contractors to bring the needed materials to complete the work. Although we live in the 21st century where modern transportation is essential to move and work, the occupation forces even prevent Palestinians from using traditional means.

HRC is condemns the Israeli actions as illegal, and calls for international attention to this issue. HRC views these Israeli tactics as detrimental to the development of the Old City, the work of HRC and the local economy.

Israeli actions in the Old City are continuously growing more severe and prevalent. Palestinian people, businesses and organizations continuously suffer and are unable to prosper as a result.