Hebron Rehabilitation Committee organizes a workshop about
 "Arbitrary arrests of children"

17/10/2022, With the escalation of arrests among palace children in the old town of Hebron at the hands of the Zionist occupation authorities and in response to developments and closure of the School of Cordoba and the detention of teachers and students for the consecutive seventh day, respectively; Legal Unit of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and human rights awareness organized a workshop to take Light on the growing phenomenon of arrests in the old town and the failure of the negative effects on the psychological and social aspects of detained children and their families .

The workshop was opened by the General - Director of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee. Mr. Imad Hamdan who welcomed the guests of residents of old town and institutions on the Rights of the Child noting that this activity is part of a Set of activities under the framework of a campaign to raise the level of human rights in the old town and funded by the United Nations Development Programme.

The lawyer Mohammed Hamdan opened the first meeting and talked about the goals of the campaign in terms of raising the Level of the people of the old town of the mechanisms to be followed when their sons are arrested.  In addition to building a unified strategy for cooperation with partner institutions to address the negative effects of this phenomenon, Most  of this meeting concern for the interventions of the people who spoke about the arrests and realistic and have been dropped negative effects on the behavior of arrests that took place over the past week relating to the Israeli arrests of school children of Cordoba and Ibrahimiya  , It was during this session of the test steps taken by the parents to follow up the arrest cases Following that was the submission of a documentary film about the attacks of the Zionist occupation authorities against School children in terms of arrests, beatings and detention at military checkpoints and inhuman treatment and degrading treatment.

During the second meeting, the lawyer talked about the legal assistance provided by the unit in following-up legal cases of detention, explaining that the Legal Unit follows up the arrests according to two directions; in the first  the legal unit follows-up detentions and arrests which do not take a long time, and by addressing the concerned authorities and following up on these threads .The moment of arrest until their release.  while the second trend, the legal unit follows up the cases of arrests
that require long and detailed procedures, the Legal Unit transmit arrest filesto the partner institutions such as the Palestinian Prisoners' Club, DCI For children, Red Cross, who in turn charge of follow-up these files to the last Stages of litigation.

In the second part Dana Issawi of Save the Children spoke about the psychological effects of the arrests,Then she talked about programs and projects implemented by their organization to mitigate the negative consequences For children's social status and educational behavior, and showed that this workshop will be basis for the implementation of joint programs with Hebron Rehabilitation Committee to alleviate the pain left by the arrest and recreation for children, support and empowerment.

At the end of this workshop there was an  open debate and receive questions and inquiries from the public present, where the lawyer Tawfiq Jahshan answered inquiries and provided different guidance to victims of arrests noting answered ready for the permanent reconstruction to receive the victims of these arrests and their families and provide the necessary legal support for them to face of the worsening of this phenomenon and support the steadfastness of the people in the old town.