Hebron Rehabilitation Committee succeeds passing of a judicial decision and the implementation to evacuate settlers from Tahboub Family house in the Old City of Hebron

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee succeeded today , Wednesday 22.02.2012  in the implementation of the decision issued by the Israeli Supreme Court had approved in getting it on Sunday 19/2/2012 . The decision serving to evacuate settlers from Tahboub Family building located next to Aldbuya settlement in the Old City of Hebron.  The occupying army forces, police, and Israeli prosecutors representatives have  implemented the decision of the evacuation of Israeli settlers from the mentioned  house.

It was this afternoon that the evacuation was carried out in the presence of General Manager of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and the crew of its lawyers, owners and tenants of this house, and a legion of citizens, the media and various concerned institutions.

It is  worth mentioning that Hebron Rehabilitation Committee monitors settlers and the Israeli occupation army attacks in the old city of Hebron. Hebron Rehabilitation Committee tries to address them constantly through the legal unit that uses all of the possible legal mechanisms to protect the rights of citizens and their properties in the old town.

The owners and citizens expressed their happiness for the implementation of this resolution and the protection of public rights, hoping all the issues being pursued by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee before the courts of different Israeli to be crowned with success like this case.