Israeli Supreme Court considers the issue of Evacuation of settlers from Al Owaiwi Shops


Within the legal follow-ups carried out by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee to address the Israeli Violations in the old city of Hebron. The Israeli Supreme Court will consider the case of evacuation of settlers from the shops belonging to 'Abdul-Jawwad Owaiwi and' Abdul Razzaq Owaiwi located in the old vegetable market (Al Hisba), and closed by military order since 2000 tomorrow morning at 11 am Monday, 5/3/2012.


As Hebron Rehabilitation Committee has been following the issue to compel Israeli occupation authorities to implement the decision of the military objections Commission at Ofer issued in 2008. The decision addressed the evacuation of settlers from the listed stores immediately and re-possession of the citizens Al Owaiwi. But the Israeli occupation authorities, as the executive authority ,has not implemented this resolution. This necessitated filing with the Supreme Court against the commander of the occupation army in charge of abandoned properties , the chief of occupation police , the Association of Settling Renewing Quarter , the rapists settlers of the listed shops for the evacuation of shops and compelling the occupation law enforcement and the protection of Palestinian property located within the areas closed by military orders.