Hebron Rehabilitation Committee follows up Maharmeh's issue at the Israeli courts


Following the arrest of  the young man , Muhammad Maharmeh, who is a resident  of the Milk Market in the Old City in a violent and illegal way .As he was beaten severely.  That resulted in both of his hands were bruised fractures on 11/3/2012 .

Also they tried to arrest his father, aged sixty years and he was also beaten  The Legal Unit of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee has been  following up this violation with the Israeli police and has lodged a formal complaint so. As that method of inspecting the house and arresting two of its members was contrary to all international human rights.


Hebron Rehabilitation Committee has condemned the attack committed against Maharmeh's family by the Israeli army. Hebron Rehabilitation Committee appeals the local and international human rights organizations to  support the Palestinians in the Old City who are constantly subjected to harassment by the occupation army .