Evacuation of the settlers from Abu Rajab building in the old town of Hebron

After seven days of the steadfastness of Abu Rajab family in the building next Ibrahamic  playground in the old town. The building which was stormed by dozens of settlers who took him in the darkness of the night.  After a week of turmoil and claims brought by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and human rights organizations asking for the evacuation of settlers off this building because of the illegality of their presence in it.

The settlers were forced to evacuate the building today as an implementation of the decision of the Minister the occupation of army, Ehud Barak,.

Evacuation continued for more than two hours . Prevention of  the Palestinians and foreign peace activists from reaching the building were raised to avoid clashes with protection of the occupation army and the Israeli police.


It should be mentioned that Hebron Rehabilitation Committee had condemned the occupation of the building and sought through its Legal Unit in collaboration with the family to follow up the case closely with the Israeli authorities.  Hebron Rehabilitation Committee of  the violation that constitutes a great danger in expanding the outposts inside the Old City. 


So Hebron Rehabilitation Committee  held intensive meetings with the owners of the building and assisted them in filing the complaint against what the settlers had done until the decision to evacuate which confirmed the non-legal legitimacy in the occupation of Palestinian property in general and especially the mentioned building was obtained. This decision contradicted the claims of extremist settlers in their right of the Palestinian citizens belonging of their stolen land.