Hebron Rehabilitation Committee succeeds in passing of the decision to evacuate the settlers from Al-Bakri building in Tel Armidh


After the takeover of the masses of extremist settlers of Al Bakri,  building located in Tel Armidh in the city of Hebron for several years, and fabricating clashes with the Palestinians, adjacent to the building and to commit numerous abuses and violations of which was its expulsion and deportation, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, through its legal unit worked to pursue this issue in the Israeli authorities competent authorities and claim the illegality of the presence of these settlers in a building owned by a Palestinian family, "Bakri Family."

After a long legal struggle with the Israelis before the authorities and the competent courts and the deliberate prolongation and movement between the courts from the Magistrates Court and through the Court of objections and Appeals Military and ending with the Central Court. Many of the legal process were taken  . Despite the challenge of all the difficulties and obstacles set by the occupation in front of this issue, the Israeli central Court issued a decision to evacuate the settlers from the mentioned building by 15/05/2012, and prove that the claims of the settlers had relied on false and forged documents.


It is noteworthy that Hebron Rehabilitation Committee had rejected this unjust violation of the right of the Palestinians and their property, and adopted this issue in cooperation with the family to recover this right, and the demand to stop the persistence of the occupation to control and dominate the old town and beyond.