Hebron’s Old City used to be the economic and cultural hub of the area. With a wide range of local trades and crafts, the Old City was a lively and central area of the West Bank. In the 1990s, the city saw unpresented economic devastation and an almost complete halt to the commercial and social activities, which once gave the old city life. The presence of the settlers and Israeli forces caused great tensions to rise in the old town and restricted the daily life for many Palestinians. From road blockades, checkpoints, home and shop closures, the old city’s once busy center of approximately 10,000 residents, whittled down to nearly 400 people. With the establishment of HRC in 1996, the area has begun to be repopulated and there is an increase in the number of shops, tours, and residents filtering through the old city now. Traditional trades and crafts such as the glass factory and dress makers have reopened their shops and started to fill the streets with their treasured goods once again.