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Restoration of Abdul Jalil Al Qudsi shop
Restoration of Al-Ja'bari Grocery
Restoration of the Hebron workplace
Restoration of the clinic of Dr. Abdel Hafeez Al-Ashhab
مقام الشبلي
Rehabilitation zawaya and maqamat (shrines and tombs)
Tourist Route Map
A part of the work of installing new wooden doors for the ablutions of the Sunni mosque in Khan Shaheen
Rehabilitation of Al-Shalala Al-Awsat Street
One of the beautiful restored halls in Al-Sawakna neighborhood
Part of the restoration of the wooden cabinets in the Maraqa building in the Old City
Rehabilitation of Khallet Hadour Street
Rehabilitation of Al-Zahed Street
Hamaam al-naeim Restoration
Installing umbrellas for shops
Shops restoration project in the Old City
Part of the paint work for the shops in Al-Sahla Street
Restoration work in the house of Fayez Al-Ja'bari in Al-Ras area
A picture showing before and after the restoration of the eastern house of the Ibrahimi Mosque
Part of the restoration work in Ibrahim Al-Rajabi's house in Al-Salaimeh neighborhood
Restoration and maintenance works for houses in Al-Salaimeh neighborhood
Ministry of Agriculture office