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Funded by the German government, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee celebrates the completion of the project to restore shops in the old city of Hebron

In the presence of His Excellency the German Ambassador to the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Oliver Ovcha, the Director General of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee, Mr. Imad Hamdan, a representative of the German Development Bank, David Kunzi, the Director of the United Nations Development Program, Setosi Negosh, the representative of the Governor of Hebron Governorate, Dr. Rafiq Al-Jabari, a representative of the Hebron Municipality, Eng. Youssef Al-Jabari, and Dr. Ali Al-Qawasmi, the head of the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Abdo Idris, and Mr. Amer Asseily, the head of the Businessmen Forum, and a group of managers and representatives of governmental and private institutions, associations, shop owners, and the local community; Yesterday, the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee celebrated the completion of a project to restore and rehabilitate shops in the market area.

Where this project comes within the plan implemented by the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee to restore economic and social life to the heart of the city; It seeks to restore and maintain shops to encourage citizens to shop in the old town, activate the economic movement in it, and preserve its architectural and historical splendor.

UNDP and Germany Inaugurate Project Sites in Hebron | United Nations Development Programme