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The legal unit in the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee documents an Israeli violation of another type against a house east of the Ibrahimi Mosque

Every day, the Palestinians of the Old City of Hebron continue to suffer as they are exposed to the worst extremist and cruel attacks by Israeli forces, especially in the isolated area east of the Old City. The family of Mr. Fawaz Jabir, who lives in the Jabir neighborhood east of the Ibrahimi Mosque, is one of the most affected families in the area. Almost everyday, the Israeli occupation soldiers mount the rooftop of his house at times, which badly affects the entire family. Israel has justified this based on groundless security reasons. Mr. Fawaz and his family are paying a heavy cost of life in this closed area where Israeli soldiers are always present. Indeed, they have no choice but to live through this horror with nothing but more tears and panic.

Their lives have therefore become unsustainable, especially in the aftermath of the immoral and hostile practices by the Israeli soldiers. For instance, the soldiers would urinate in the water tanks used by the family for drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc. They would also throw their waste in these tanks, which has led to psychological trauma accompanied by fatigue and vomiting of the family members.

These acts by Israeli forces also forced the family to purchase water. This is another suffering that manifests in the transfer of water in an area where Palestinian vehicles are not allowed to drive, in addition to the physical burden associated with the transfer of water. These dirty behaviors also forced Jabir’s family to change the water tanks, further exacerbating their suffering financially and morally, since water pollution may occur once again in the future and which increases the psychological tension of the family.

The family members are spending the day and night with open eyes to avoid the risks expected from these human monsters, as these practices have become a daily ritual by the occupation soldiers.

Director General of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, Imad Hamdan, has said that these barbaric actions have a serious impact on the Palestinian population in the Old City. He expressed fear that this incident may not be a casual or individual incident, but rather has a close link between the behavior of the soldiers and Israeli plans of forced displacement.