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On the Sidelines of the Grape Festival’s Activities Hebron Rehabilitation Committee Organizes a Public Breakfast in Hebron Old City

Hebron Old City witnessed the past days a distinctive activity, which was overwhelmed with intimacy and compassion among its population and visitors, through the public breakfast activity in Badran Café square, which was attended by the elders and young people and both genders from Hebron City, all governorates of the country, the occupied territory, and the international tourists. 

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) implemented a number of activities among the grape festival, which was held by the Hebron Festival Group and Ministry of Agriculture through KFW within a series of activities belonging to the investment program for enhancing the ability of resilience, which is funded by the German Development Bank KFW through the UN Development Programme UNDP.

Mr. Emad Hamdan, the HRC’s General Director indicates that this activity came amongst a series of events and activities that seek to bring life back to the Old City and revitalize its social, economic, and tourist life. He also expressed his happiness with the success of this activity targeted thousands of Old City visitors, which is always sought to by the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.