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A Young Person with Special Needs Injured After Getting Ran Over by an Israeli Settler

On September 24, 2023, Sunday, one of the Israeli settlers attempted to burst into a commercial store in Tal Rumaida in Hebron City with his own car, leading to smashing down the main entrance of the store and injuring its owner the young man Hamdi Yahya Idais with cuts bruises, and one of the citizens while she was there.

The young man aged 20 years old with special needs (with paraplegia) was critically injured in different parts of his body, especially in the head, and was transferred to one of the hospitals in Jerusalem.  

This assault is targeted and intended against this Palestinian commercial store, due to the fact that it happened on the evening of Jews’ “Yom Kippur”, in which assaults against the Palestinians’ houses and stores take place by the Israeli settlers who live in the settlements in the Old City, the attacks are planned in order to force the citizens of the area to stay home and not to go outside in the area for any reason, or open their stores. This measure is to annex the area and impose the Jewish character on it.

The occupation authorities force a permanent siege on Tal Rumaida area and large parts of Hebron Old City by surrounding them with military checkpoints and gates, that limit the Palestinians’ access and their vehicles there. They also impose closures on hundreds of the commercial shops that the Palestinians are prohibited from reaching for over twenty years ago. 

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) condemns this assault on one of the peaceful citizens, who is also a person with disabilities, and considers it a clear violation of human rights and rights of persons with special needs guaranteed by the international conventions and norms, especially the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Disabled persons in 1975, which emphasizes their civil, political, economic, and social rights, as well as the right to protection against all forms of discrimination and exploitation.

Therefore, the HRC holds the occupation authorities fully responsible for the Palestinians citizens’ lives in Hebron Old City, it also calls upon all the humanitarian, legal, regional, and international entities and organizations to intervene urgently to stop injustice and suffering, also to restrain these attacks and assaults, as well as stopping what the Palestinian citizens and their properties are exposed to in the Old City of Hebron.