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The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, the Ministry of Culture, and the Hebron Women's Charitable Association open a glass exhibition in…
The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee receives Jose Maria, an expert in cultural heritage management from Mexico
On the sidelines of the Grape Festival activities The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee organizes a group breakfast in the Old City of Hebron
Part of the opening ceremony of the Hebron Grape Days
Participation of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in a workshop on the Palestinian novel in a minute
Participation of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in the opening ceremony of the Hebron Women’s Charitable Association’s kitchen
The Director General meets with a German delegation and informs him of the general situation in the Old City and another of the works being…
Part of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee’s participation in the popular iftar organized by the Public Relations Forum in Hebron
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee proceeds with the rehabilitation works of the entrance to the old northern town leading to the Haram, funded…
The family of the Hebron Festival and the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee meet to prepare for the Hebron Grape Festival
Meeting with the Former President of the Businessmen Forum, Mr. Amer Osaily and talking about the general situation in the old town
Meeting with Dr. Hussam Abu Aisha, head of the National Committee for Promoting Palestinian Identity in the Fatah Movement in the Central Re…
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and Hebron Women Charitable Society Open a Second Traditional Heritage Exhibition Dedicated to “Ceramic Indu…
Meeting with the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry and talking about vital activities in the Old City soon
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee Holds a Press Conference for the Launch of a New Work Programm in the Old City of Hebron
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee implements a workshop for psychological relief for the children of the Old City of Hebron
A group of volunteers from the United States of America and Belgium visited HRC
The director and staff of the Communications Office Hebron Rehabilitation Committee
A lively and joyful of children in the Old City..
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) Demands the Deployment of a Fact-Finding Mission from UNESCO Over the Violations Committed at Ibrahimi…
Funded by the German government, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee celebrates the completion of the project to restore shops in the old city o…
Meeting with the chairman and members of the Council of Businessmen Forum in Hebron and talking about the implementation of future joint act…
The Israeli Occupation Army stops the work of the HRC
Polish Aid for Ramadan 2020 in Hebron
Israel prevents Hebron committee from continuing restoration works in the Ibrahimi Mosque
Palestine Polytechnic University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with HRC