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The Israeli Takeover Of The Mosque

Al Ibrahimi mosque has suffered from the Occupation which began in 1967, with a gradual meddling in the mosque’s affairs. Attempts to control it started by weakening the Moslem control over the site, then allowing Jews to pray there, before gradually reserving Jewish prayer areas and prohibiting access to Moslems on Jewish holidays and festivities. The site is now subject to extensive restrictions, proposed by the Shamgar Committee, following the Ibrahimi mosque massacre

Today, as a result of the carnage caused by Goldstein in 1994, the Ibrahimi mosque is partitioned and resembles a military outpost. Worshippers have to go through more than one search before being able to perform their prayers. This partitioning has also transformed the site into an arena of repeated clashes and tension. These measures have stripped the mosque of much of its sanctity, with Jewish worshippers and soldiers entering the site in their shoes, thus desecrating the shrine from an Islamic perspective, to say nothing of the wine brought into the mosque for use in Jewish rituals.


Recently, and in collaboration with the Islamic Endowments Department, HRC has fully renovated the mosque, revealing its delicate features and restoring interior colours to their past splendour.