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Polish Aid for Ramadan 2020 in Hebron

Last days of the holy month of Ramadan 2000 were very busy for us. Despite of Covid-19 pandemic and many restrictions in movement on Palestinian territory we have launched a humanitarian project for families in need of the Hebron Old City. As before our partners were the Hebron Municipality and the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, responsible for  the most vulnerable part of the city  – the Old City. Thanks to Polish Aid 800 food packs were distributed among local communities and delivered by community workers further right to the families in need. We are very proud we could help in this simple way the people severely affected by the Covid-19 closure as well as uneasy and sometimes tense situation in the city of Hebron.   Hebron – a unique place on Earth however venerated by all - Jews, Christians, and Muslims for its association with Patriarch Abraham/Ibrahim is still divided and haunted by unrests and intercommunal violence.

A successful Polish Aid project in Hebron gave us an opportunity to meet and talk with Mr Tayseer Abu Sneineh - Mayor of Hebron and the representative of Palestinian Government Mr Jibril Al-Bakri - Governor of the Hebron district.