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Palestine Polytechnic University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with HRC

Palestine Polytechnic University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC)

Palestine Polytechnic University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hebron Rehabilitation Committee at the committee headquarter in the old town of Hebron. It was signed by Dr. Ghazi Qawasmi, Vice President of the University for Community Services Affairs, and  Mr. Imad Hamdan, the Director of HRC in the presence of Dr. Imad Khatib, the University President, and the heads of the HRC’s departments, in addition to Engineer Yousef Salah, the Director of the University President’s Office and Mr. Wisam Shamroukh, the Director of the IT Center of  Excellence.
Mr. Hamdan welcomed the guests from the PPU and praised such cooperation between the PPU and the HRC, pointing out that the University extended its footprint in the Old town by establishing an engineering office for the rehabilitation of the Old town buildings. He added that most of the committee employees graduated from the PPU, a distinguished and  well-known University at the local and regional levels. He also stressed the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of the Old town. 
Dr. al-Khatib also stressed the importance of such agreement between the two parties, believing that this strategic partnership with the HRC would promote a fruitful cooperation between them. He also added that the PPU has been striving to enhance the steadfastness of the Old town’s residents  by preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the Old town of Hebron and building a new generation equipped with knowledge about the heritage of parents and grandparents for the continuity of  preserving it now and then.
In a related context, Dr. al- Qawasmi stressed the role of the PPU in the integration of the services of all the institutions of our country in many fields, and he emphasized the importance of reviving the Old town to achieve such social and economic development.
At the end of the meeting, both parties discussed the execution of many training programs and  the allocation of graduation projects in order to meet the needs of the Old city of Hebron like engineering and information technology projects in addition to the implementation of GIS projects to serve tourism and help the HRC to improve the citizens’ services in this area.