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Lamar Guesthouse

Lamar Guesthouse is located in a beautifully restored and renovated 300 year old building. It used to belong to al Shareef family, one of the notable families of Hebron.

It is centrally located in the heart of Hebron’s Old City, from where town’s many sites of interest can be reached within minutes.

When you enter the guesthouse you will be warmly greeted with a cup of coffee or tea for you as well as other guests.

“At Lamar Guesthouse everyone greeted me very warmly and welcomed me”. – Jenny Thomas, United States.

The rooms are spacious, clean and very welcoming. The common room is comfortable and has a doorway leading to a small balcony which overlooks the city. At Lamar the sense of hospitality, generosity, and graciousness are strongly evident.

The atmosphere of the place gives the person a sense of the history, not only of the building, but also of the area and the real situation of the town.

“The architecture of the place is beautiful —It’s great to be here!” – Ilham Naser Eldin, Palestine

Enjoy a hearty breakfast while visiting with some of the other guests, get the chance to meet new people, experience Palestinian hospitality and learn more about the rich culture and heritage of Hebron.

The guesthouse is in walking distance of the main taxis station and the Ibrahimi Mosque, Tomb of the Patriarchs.

“The guesthouse is very well located in the town, in the Old City.” – Timothy Whiting, United Kingdom

The building of Lamar Guesthouse was renovated by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee ( in order to revitalize tourism in the area.

It is run by Palestine Heritage Trail Al-Khalil – organization that has developed a long-distance community-based walking trail with the same name, passing through Palestinian communities and countryside from villages north of Jenin to Hebron and surrounding it villages.

For more information about Palestine Heritage Trail, visit and like Facebook page: Palestine Heritage Trail Al-Khalil.

Hebron – Lamar Guesthouse - Palestinian Heritage Trail (